Tungsten ring, Description:

Tungsten ring is made from an unbreakable material, it does not fade, it does not scratch and it is hypoallergenic. As strong and durable as diamond, it is called the metal of the future. Durable for a lifetime like marriage.

This is designed with high precision and it is a great combination of the opal fragments is done in a special device at a pressure of 3000 and covered with a unique gloss layer.

Tungsten ring, exotic choice:

For many people, tungsten rings are very exotic, rings and jewelry made of this material have been prevalent in the market for some years. The reason is, among other things, that tungsten jewelry has only been offered for a few years. Tungsten rings are very popular and widely used around the world today. 

Tungsten carbide is a mixture of carbon and tungsten. Tungsten carbide alloy is very hard, making it ideal for couples or friendship rings or everyday engagement rings, also in harsh conditions such as on a construction site, where other rings get scratched quickly but this ring is made specially and in a unique way which is not scratched.

Properties of tungsten rings – Very high hardness and almost as heavy as gold.

This ring is very hard, almost as hard as diamonds, which makes tungsten rings extremely resistant to scratches.

Tungsten rings have a slight metallic luster, similar to that of some stainless steel alloys, but can also take on a deep white or black color.

Tungsten is a very tough material that can experience high and low temperatures without causing any harm. It is used to make very hard tools. However, it has set a new trend in the jewelry market, which thanks to its qualities couples prefer this material over gold, silver, or platinum, or in some cases as a second set of wedding rings.

The meaning of tungsten rings in marriage is the certainty of couples who want to show their love is harder and unbreakable on the face of the earth. That guarantees eternal love, resistance to all future tests that the marriage will face, associated characteristics to this type of metal.

Reasons to choose this Tungsten wedding ring:

1. It is a material that can be permanently polished, does not lose its shine or tarnish.

2. It is an anti-scratch material, resists bumps or scratches of daily use. You can never make any kind of scratches or with the edge of a knife.

3. Tungsten is a material that is not affected by any type of detergent or chlorine liquid or saltwater.

4. Can be easily cleaned with liquid soap water.

5. It is a hypoallergenic material, it will not cause any type of allergies or redness on the skin.

Before making the design of this ring, we have explored thousands of designs but finally, our professional and qualified designers have designed this ring on their own. So, you can say that this is a rare design that is designed independently.