Things to know about Tungsten and what's special about Tungsten rings?

Tungsten is one of the hardest metals on our planet as it is one kind of robust material with unusual physical properties.

This solid metal comes in grayish-white color. One of the best things about this metal is that its highest melting points (2700° C) and so its shine remains permanent.

Tungsten is one type of stainless alloys that do not crumple and hardly scratches. Also, it doesn’t need to be polished constantly. Physically, it is heavier than any other alloys and it has a strong shine nearly like a mirror.

Tungsten Rings:

about Tungsten rings

Tungsten rings retain many of the great characteristics of pure tungsten metal – including high tensile strength and high melting point, as we have mentioned above. Also, the Tungsten rings are extremely scratch resistant and have a light grayed-color that can be darkened with brush finishing processes.

However, it is important to note that Tungsten rings are not made with 100% pure tungsten, it is designed with carbide. Since pure Tungsten material is very tough to work with, so it is designed in its carbide form. Tungsten carbide is made by combining it with carbon atoms. The result is a very fine powder and then it is mixed with nickel to work on different forms of jewelry.

As we have mentioned above, Tungsten is made with a chemical element and has some surprising properties. It offers the highest malleable strength, thus being characterized by its extreme durability.

Tungsten carbide rings have moderate thermal and electrical conduction properties, so we advise you to remove the rings if you are exposed to areas with high conductivity of electricity or heat capable of interfering with your safety. However, if it is a concern for you, the ideal is to opt for steel rings.

If you buy a tungsten steel ring, you will be getting an extremely durable and strong accessory. In addition to the difficulty in resizing these rings, there is the difficulty of engraving them once the metal is fully defined and stable.

Due to the solid nature of tungsten, jewelers need special tools to engrave this jewel. Since this process is expensive, most rings are already ordered with their engravings (engraving can be done more easily before the metal is fully defined) or some people use plain tungsten rings.

Let us check out the advantages of tungsten:

Durability and Strength:

Many couples admire the strength and durability of tungsten rings. Thanks to the hardness of the metal. Tungsten rings are scratch resistant and will not bend as easily as other precious or alternative metals. 

However, it is important to note that this material, as it is not very malleable, is slightly more breakable than others, being, therefore, difficult to repair. However, the probability of it breaking is very low, unless extreme force is applied to the ring.

Unique beauty:

Another characteristic loved by all is related to the tungsten shine that does not fade over the years, this means that your ring will always look the same as it did the first day you put it on.

Tungsten rings have a unique beauty that sets them apart from gold or silver rings. Available in several colors, perfect for couples who prefer to move away from traditional colors. These rings are increasingly sought after for their contemporary and elegant appearance.

Attractive price:

These alliances are accessible to all portfolios, characterized by their excellent price-quality ratio. 


Tungsten rings are indicated for those who are allergic to other metals, as they rarely cause allergies. The reason for this reduced relationship with allergic reactions is due to the amount of nickel contained in the tungsten carbide, however, this amount is usually too low to cause reactions. 

Right size:

It is very important to choose the right size, as these rings due to their high hardness cannot be resized.

Tungsten rings are thus increasingly sought after for their particular beauty and durability, suitable for modern couples.

Why are the Tungsten rings do not scratch or bend?

Why are the Tungsten rings do not scratch or bend?

Tungsten ring does not bend or scratch because it has extraordinary qualities of resistance and durability to wear. Also, the same material has been used by many industries such as medical, petroleum, automotive, and aerospace.

Did you know that Tungsten is the hardest metal on the earth? Yes, and so it needs special machinery equipped with polycrystalline diamonds to give it designs and shapes. 

What care should I take with my tungsten ring?

Tungsten material does not affect by any liquid material, so there is no problem if it comes in a contact with seawater, cleaners, chlorine, detergents, etc. These CAN NOT remove their shine forever.

However, it is designed with silver, gold, wood, fibers, etc., its proper care is necessary.

To keep it cleaned, you just need to use soapy water to remove its dirt and it’s done, it will shine again like new in no time. It is advisable not to use ultrasonic cleaners as they can damage your ring.

– Do not use any sharp object to hit your ring.

– Do not hit intentionally or throw it on the floor.

– Also, do not hit it with anything, if it will get any strong blow, it can be damaged.

"Tungsten rings are jewelry" should not be beaten or hammered as this can damage the piece. With due care, your ring will stay new forever.

Tungsten wedding rings – made for eternity:

Tungsten wedding rings

Tungsten wedding rings are – like other metals – well suited to modern tastes. Depending on the model, you can choose between a simple one or a more elaborate ring. 

Do you want to design your wedding rings and always think of your partner when you look at them? Then these Tungsten wedding rings are the best for you. Alliances and engagement rings are twice as important and personal if they come from the heart. 

A personalized ring is the best idea. If you choose engraved tungsten wedding rings, you just have to specify the desired text, choose the font and we will send it directly to your home.

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